The Soap Farm B.V. aims to become the new standard cosmetics producer in Europe in terms of innovation, machine, products, production, work culture and working environment. We strive for progress and positive impact while exceeding customer expectations and transforming the industry


Our mission is simple: to do good. Doing good for people, nature, skin, hair and everything we touch. We strive to do everything we do well.


The strength of The Soap Farm B.V. lies in our fantastic team. Below we would like to introduce to you these great people who are the heart and soul of our company.

Annemijn AKA Mino
Project Manager

Calvin AKA Cally

Marijn AKA rinus
Production & Traceability Geek

Head of packing crew & production sickle

Packing & Production Nickel

Vera AKA Bonnie

HERman AKA onze Her
Permanent day care force

Packing & Production Nickel


Marc & Michelle Koehl, the dynamic couple behind The Soap Farm B.V., had a mission: to bring sustainability to life. They didn’t want to flaunt a green image – no, they wanted to be truly sustainable!

In 2019, Marc Koehl started several webshops in the field of sustainable cosmetics. Soon he realized that sustainability was much more than just a trendy buzzword. It was time to roll up their sleeves and show that they were serious.

Together with his wife Michelle Koehl, they set out to find ways to improve their impact on the environment. Soon the idea arose to start producing products ourselves in order to have complete control.

The road to self-production was no piece of cake, but with determination and a good dose of perseverance, they succeeded. Under loud cheers from their team, one beautiful soap after another rolled off the production line. They were proud not only of the products themselves, but especially of how they were produced – paying attention to sustainability at every step.

It wasn’t long before requests started pouring in for private and white label products. They have said goodbye to the e-commerce world and want to conquer Europe by putting down sustainable, innovative cosmetics products. Thus was born The Soap Farm B.V., a vibrant soap factory that produces the most delicious soaps with big smiles on their faces. The team is their secret ingredient, full of passion and dedication to get one step closer to a more sustainable world every day.

Marc, Michelle and the entire team at The Soap Farm B.V. are incredibly proud of their journey and where they are today. They have proven that sustainability is more than a marketing term – it is a way of life. With a heavy dose of positive energy, they continue to push their boundaries and spoil the world with their delicious, sustainable soaps.